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Represented at Primavera Gallery – Downtown

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Artist Biography – Kent Raible

Jewelry Artist, Kent Raible, Primavera Gallery, Ojai, CA

Artist Portrait Kent Raible

My life’s path is that of the goldsmith, a path of over 30 years now. To say I love my job would be an understatement. When my creative juices are really flowing, work is closer to a meditation than anything else. The making is an end in itself. Like a musician lost in the playing of the music, I can sit still for hours, blissfully focused, arranging tiny granules of gold into beautiful patterns. I try to find harmony in even the minutest step of the process, whether it’s the positioning of a single granule, or shaving off a tenth of a millimeter of gold to get a perfect line. This is the foundation and integrity of my art.

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