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Jewelry Artist, Kent Raible, Primavera Gallery, Ojai, CA

Artist Portrait Kent Raible

My life’s path is that of the goldsmith, a path of over 30 years now. To say I love my job would be an understatement. When my creative juices are really flowing, work is closer to a meditation than anything else. The making is an end in itself. Like a musician lost in the playing of the music, I can sit still for hours, blissfully focused, arranging tiny granules of gold into beautiful patterns. I try to find harmony in even the minutest step of the process, whether it’s the positioning of a single granule, or shaving off a tenth of a millimeter of gold to get a perfect line. This is the foundation and integrity of my art.

Given my almost religious fervor for goldsmithing, it’s not too surprising that I’m most drawn to the regal and spiritual themes and the awesome craftsmanship of goldsmiths past. While paying homage to their artistry, I like to “tweak” history a bit, adding my unique contemporary synthesis to the old archetypes. My more ambitious works like Floating City and Pregnant Chalice are perfect examples of this approach, which influences my work down to the smallest earring.

One of the most difficult aspects of devoting a lifetime to this art/craft has been making a living without compromising the integrity of work that, by its nature, is very time-consuming. This has required enormous dedication and patience, and a willingness to grow and change on my part. The biggest break in my career came the day I met Lynn, now my wife and partner who, with her great personality, business experience and natural feel for marketing, has been a perfect compliment to my artistic sensibilities. Together we are creating a successful business of integrity and beauty that supports our family.

I am blessed to be able to work with the rarest and most beautiful of our earth’s treasures, and create art in the intimate form of jewelry. Whether I am executing a commission, designing a piece for the Studio Collection, or making a piece to satisfy my own creative urges, I know someone out there is waiting to join me in the artistic journey of that piece. I am grateful to those that have purchased and supported my work over the years, not only for supporting my family, but also for helping me continue the 7000 year-old tradition of the goldsmith.

Since 1971, Kent Raible has continuously worked with and studied the history of precious metals, and has become one of America’s preeminent studio goldsmiths.

Inspired by the amazingly intricate and opulent gold work of antiquity, his unique contemporary art pieces are often created using techniques that have been in use for thousands of years, using relatively simple tools.

Raible’s dedication to his craft has earned him international recognition through awards, museum acquisitions, and commissions. His one-of-a-kind Masterworks as well as his exquisite Studio Collection of designer jewelry are available through fine art galleries and jewelry stores across the United States.