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Christopher Ries


1978 Master of Fine Arts in glass, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1975 Bachelor of Fine Arts in ceramics and glass, The Ohio State University

One Person Exhibitions

2008 Christopher Ries: Wiford Gallery, Sante Fe, New Mexico
2007 Christopher Ries: Optical Reflections, Pismo Fine Art Glass, Aspen Colorado
2007 Christopher Ries: Guiding Light, Hawk Galleries, Columbus Ohio
2006 Christopher Ries: Master in Glass, The Ohio State Univ. Faculty Club, Columbus, Ohio
2006 Photonics West, San Jose, California. Also 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999
2005 Etienne and Van Den Doel Expressive Glass Art, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands
2005 Davis and Cline Gallery, Ashland, Oregon
2005 Thomas R. Riley Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio
2004 Marx-Saunders Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
2004 Lizza Fine Art Studios, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
2004 Hawk Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
2004 Friends of Hawk Gallery, educational tour of Schott factory, Duryea, Pennsylvania and Ries Gallery, Keelersburg, Pennsylvania
2003 Glass and Light, Beard and Weil Galleries, Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts
2003 Richards Gallery, Southern Ohio Museum, Portsmouth, Ohio
2003 Thomas R. Riley Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio
2002 Buschlen-Mowatt Gallery, Palm Desert, California
2002 Thomas R. Riley Galleries, Kirkland, Washington
2002 Weinstein Galleries, San Francisco, California
2001 The Glass Sculpture of Christopher Ries, The Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio
2001 Riley Hawk Galleries, Columbus, Ohio. Also 1999, 1998, 1996, 1995, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1989
2001 Hilligoss Galleries, Chicago, Illinois
2000 Christopher Ries Crystal, Old State House, Hartford, Connecticut
2000 The Rachael Collection, Aspen, Colorado. Also 1998, 1996
2000 Coplan Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida
2000 Galerie Rob Van Den Doel, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands
1999 Christopher Ries: Sculptor of Glass, Lore Degenstein Gallery, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
1999 Merrill Chase Galleries, Chicago, Illinois. Also 1997
1998 Illusions of Light: The Glass Sculpture of Christopher Ries, York College Galleries, York, Pennsylvania
1998 Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio. Also 1993, 1991, 1988, 1985
1997 Riley Hawk Galleries, Cleveland, Ohio. Also 1995, 1992, 1991, 1989
1996 Crystal Illusions: The Sculpture of Christopher Ries, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Neenah, Wisconsin
1996 Glass & Light: The Sculpture of Christopher Ries, Everhart Museum, Scranton, Pennsylvania
1996 Whitt/Krauss Objects of Fine Art, Palm Desert, California
1996 Naples Art Gallery, Naples, Florida. Also 1995
1995 Glass und Licht: Skulpturen von Christopher Ries, Südwestfunk, Mainz, Germany
1995 Optical Illusions: Glass Sculpture by Christopher Ries, Headley-Whitney Museum, Lexington, Kentucky
1995 Heike Pickett Gallery, Lexington, Kentucky
1993 The Sculpture of Christopher Ries, The Winter Garden, PPG Industries, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1993 LaFond Galleries, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1992 Bell Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee
1990 Christopher Ries REFLECTIONS: An Exhibition of Glass Sculpture Marywood University, Scranton, Pennsylvania
1988 Illusions in Glass: The Art of Christopher Ries, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio
1988 Christopher Ries: Miracles in Optic Glass, Zanesville Art Center, Zanesville, Ohio
1987 Gallery 200, Columbus, Ohio. Also 1985, 1982, 1980
1985 Barrett Gallery, Toledo, Ohio
1985 Prescott Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1984 Habatat Gallery, Pontiac, Michigan
1981 Marilyn Faith Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1981 The Glass Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada. Also 1980
1981 Galleria of Sculpture, Palm Beach, Florida
1980 Contemporary Glass Group, New York, New York. Also 19792008 Christopher Ries: Wiford Gallery, Sante Fe, New Mexico

Group Exhibitions

2008 DeBruyne Fine Art Gallery Row, Naples, Florida
2008 Da Vinci Days Festival, Glass Show, The Corvallis Arts Center, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
2008 Quidley & Company, Boston, Massachusetts
2008 NEPA Landscape Show, Art of the Land, Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art, Scranton, Pennsylvania
2008 Pan Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Also 2006
2008 Sculpture Objects & Functional Art (SOFA), Chicago, Illinois. Also 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994
2007 Davis & Cline Gallery, Ashland, Oregon
2007 Los Angeles Art Show, Five Centuries of Art: Santa Monica, California
2007 Dane Gallery, Nantucket, Massachusetts
2007 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts
2007 pAn Amsterdam, The Art & Antique Fair for today, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2007 Phoenix Airport Museum, Phoenix, AZ
2006 Capturing the Light: Masterworks of Contemporary Glass, Everhart Museum, Scranton, Pennsylvania
2006 Palm Beach 3, Palm Beach, Florida. Also 2005
2006 Sculpture Objects & Functional Art (SOFA), New York, New York. Also 2005, 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1998
2006 Two Expressions/Two Media, Springfield Museum of Art, Springfield, Ohio
2006 Oisterwijk Sculptuur, Etienne & Van den Doel, Expressive Glass Art, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands
2006 Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco, California
2006 The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico
2005 Dane Gallery, Nantucket, Massachusetts
2005 Glass Weekend, Wheaton Village, Millville, New Jersey. Also 2003, 2001, 1999, 1997, 1995, 1993, 1991, 1989
2005 Seeing Clearly, Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2003 Art Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Florida
2002 Acquisition Trust Event, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, Florida
2001 Treasures for a Queen: A Millennium Gift to Cincinnati, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio
2001 New Faces in Glass, Gallery 500, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
2001 Palm Springs Art Fair, Palm Springs, California
2001 A Touch of Glass, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio
2000 Kunst Rai, Rai Congrescentrum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2000 Old State House, Hartford, Connecticut
2000 Art Expo, Jacob Javitts Convention Center, New York, New York
1999 Clearly Inspired: Contemporary Glass and Its Origins, Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Florida
1999 Buscheln Fine Arts, Ltd., Vancouver, Canada
1998 Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1998 Holsten Gallery, Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Also 1994, 1993
1997 Glass Today: American Studio Glass from Cleveland Collections, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio
1997 Sculpture Objects & Functional Art (SOFA), Miami, Florida. Also 1996, 1995
1997 Naples Art Gallery, Naples, Florida. Also 1993, 1992
1996 Gallery Lara, Chicago, Illinois
1996 Merrill Chase Galleries, Chicago, Illinois
1996 Whitt/Krauss Objects of Fine Art, San Diego, California. Also 1995
1995 Galerie Rob van den Doel, The Hague, The Netherlands
1994 Laura Larkin Gallery, Del Mar, California
1994 Bentley Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
1994 Miami Art Fair, Miami, Florida
1994 The Rachael Collection, Aspen, Colorado
1993 Chicago International New Art Forms Exposition, Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois. Also 1992, 1991, 1989
1985 Gazebo Gallery, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
1985 The 1985 Ohio Selection Exhibition, Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, Ohio
1985 Layering: An Art of Time and Space, The Albuquerque Art Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico
1985 Habatat Gallery, Pontiac, Michigan. Also 1983, 1982, 1980
1985 Sculptural Glass Invitational, Erie Art Museum, Erie, Pennsylvania
1982 Contemporary Art in Detroit Art Collections, The Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan
1982 Invitational Exhibition of Sculptural Glass, Contemporary Artisans Gallery, San Francisco, California. Also 1981
1982 Glass Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1981 Art of Glass: Selections from Columbus Collections, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio
1980 Art in Columbus: 50 Years, State Office Tower, Columbus, Ohio
1979 Prospectus: Glass Masters of Two Eras, National Heisey Glass Museum, Newark, Ohio
1979 Contemporary Glass Invitational, D. Erlien Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1978 Limited Editions and Cohen Gallery Invitational, Cohen Gallery, Newton, Massachusetts
1978 Glass America 1978, Contemporary Art Glass Group, Lever House, New York, New York
1978 Contemporary Glass in America, Oklahoma Arts Center, Oklahoma, City, Oklahoma.
1978 Exhibition traveled to the Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, Arkansas
1977 Glassblowers and Stained Glass Makers of Ohio, Mather Gallery, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
1977 Contemporary Art Glass Group, New York, New York


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2005 Artist as Hero, National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
2005 Distinguished Artist Award, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1990 Ohioana Citation for Distinguished Service to Ohio in the Field of Art.
197879 Aid to Individual Artists Fellowship, Ohio Arts Council
197475 Leo Yassenoff Scholarship

Public Collections

American Ceramic Society, Ohio
Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio
Columbus Airport, Ohio
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio
Contemporary Arts and Crafts Museum and Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
Corning Museum of Glass
Goodyear Collection
Governor’s Residence, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Indianapolis Art Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana
Muncie Public Library, Muncie, Indiana
Museum of American Glass, Wheaton Village, Millville, New Jersey
The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, Louisiana
Otto Schott Centrum, Mainz, Germany
The Patrick Lannon Foundation, Florida
Smart Gallery, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
The University of Central Florida, Orlando Florida
Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio

Corporate Collections

Battelle, Columbus, Ohio
Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, New York
Galileo Electro-Optics, Sturbridge, Massachusetts
Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce, Pittston, Pennsylvania
Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California
Optical Research Associates, Pasadena, CA
Penn Security Bank, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Plummer Precision Optics, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania
Rutgers, The State University, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Schott Fiber Optics, Inc., Southbridge, Massachusetts
SCHOTT AG, Mainz, Germany
SCHOTT Nippon, Tokyo, Japan
United lens Company, Southbridge, Massachusetts
ZYGO Corporation, Middlefield, Connecticut

Private Collections

Dr. Sheldon Barnette, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Leon and Barbara Berlin, Montreal, Canada
Irvin Borowsky and Laurie Wagman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ms. Marilyn Carlson, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mr. Milton Chang, Menlo Park, California, California
Cindy Crawford, New York, New York
Mr. Frederick W. “Ted” Fields, Los Angeles, California
Senator John Glen, Ohio
Steve Goldman, Winter Park, Florida
Dr. and Mrs. Yuhak Hahn, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Donald Head, Sarasota, California
J.D.S. Uniphase Inc., Santa Rosa, California
Dr. Raj Kanodia, Beverly Hills, California
Arthur and Sara Jo Kobacher, Columbus, Ohio
Winston Lambert, Los Altos Hills, California
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s, Livermore, California
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Lenfest, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
Philip and Anabel Lindy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Harvey K. Littleton, Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Mary McFadden, New York, New York
Metaval Corporation, Holtsville, New York
Dr. Nagasaki, Chairman Emeritus, Nippon Electric Glass, Japan
Paul Nassau, New York, New York
Mary Carroll Nelson, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Glen Nelson
Dr. Morey Parks, Beverly Hills, California
Buck Patton, Columbus, Ohio
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Petzoldt, Mainz, Germany
Dr. and Mrs. John Pfahl, Columbus, Ohio
Hasso Plattner, Founder of SAP, Germany
Governor Edward Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania
Lionel Richie, Los Angeles, California
Mr. and Mrs. Stanely Rowe, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mr. and Mrs. George Saxe, San Francisco, California
Pat Schaefer, Muncie, Indiana
Dr. Erich Schuster, Mainz, Germany
Governor William Warren & Mary Scranton, Pennsylvania
Hilbert and Jean Sosin, Detroit, Michigan
S.P.I.E. Corporate Headquarters, Bellingham, Washington
United Lens Company, Southbridge, Massachusetts
Vernal House Collection of Mark C. Bloome, Los Angeles, California
Mr. Gilbert Vogt, Mainz, Germany
Attorney Howard Weitzman, Santa Monica, California
Leslie Wexner, Columbus, Ohio
Zygo Corporation, Middletown, Connecticut