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On Painter Adam Licsko — ‘Remember Yourself!’ by Ashley Jude Collie


Head in the Cloud by Adam Licsko

The scene illustrates the essential theme of Licsko’s (silent “c”) new series of oil on canvas paintings called “Remember Yourself.” Licsko, a genial giant who nevertheless knows martial arts and survivalist skills, admits to loving technology, his big screen TV and videogames. But the son of two internationally renowned artist parents (Frank and Joanne), gets the bit between his teeth when talking about this series.

“The accumulation of information is not who we are. With ‘Remember Yourself,’ I’m trying to get people to wake up, to remember they are a soul and not be so sucked into technology as an agent of sleep and complacency. Technology is awesome and cool but don’t die getting mugged while crossing the street mid text message. You are worth more than that. We are spiritual beings not merely consumers.”

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